Debt Consolidation: Loan despite chargeback

A loan is possible despite return debit. Contrary to the assumption of some bank customers, such is not one of the private credit negative features. Rather, the credit protection does not even know that a return debit has been made.

A chargeback can have different causes

A chargeback does not necessarily indicate an uncovered account. Rather, it occurs even if the account holder objects to an unjustified debit. In this case, the account balances indicate that the chargeback was not due to lack of coverage. It is desirable to have a clear description of the return debit note as triggered by the bank customer in the booking text, but so far only a few banks apply corresponding wording. A loan in spite of a return debit as a result of an unjustified direct debit is not a problem, provided the credit bank carefully reads the bank statements.

Borrowing is more difficult if the return debit has actually been due to a lack of cover. In this case, a loan application from a financial institution that refrains from submitting current bank statements is recommended. This applies to financing by installment payments almost always in the trade and consumer loans to individual banks. It can be seen that the bank statements are not requested because the credit bank does not list them under the application documents to be submitted.

Even a lack of account coverage is not necessarily due to the fault of the account holder. The bank may have rejected a correct debit after unauthorized access to the checking account had previously occurred. This situation can be pointed out by the loan applicant. It is also conceivable that a bank account was not covered due to a delayed salary transfer. In this case, it is questionable whether such an indication actually increases the chances of lending. The financial institution may also rate the non-punctual transfer of funds by the employer as a risk factor for an impending job loss as a result of bankruptcy of the business.

To assess the financial situation correctly

To assess the financial situation correctly

If the non-execution of a direct debit is due to the lack of account coverage, the applicant ensures that the later credit installments can be debited on time. Some financial institutions carry this out to a desired date. In this case, there is a charge date for the credit installments a few days after the salary has been received.

A loan can not be withdrawn despite the return debit of a loan installment if the bank customer transfers the amount without delay. However, this does not apply to payment arrangements where a single payment irregularity can lead to the annulment of the relevant arrangement. Only a few consumers are aware of the difference between the two forms of contract. In simple terms, this means that payment agreements are only made after the invoice has been issued.

Low credit rates and the right to an occasional installment break are recommended for a loan despite a return debit. The latter allows the loan to be properly repaid even if the borrower has to pay unexpected additional expenses. A faster loan repayment with an improvement in the financial situation is possible if the credit agreement provides for the right to special repayments without deduction of prepayment interest.

A careful credit comparison is particularly important for a loan despite return debit, to find a cheap loan. The banks issue installment loans either at identical interest rates for all applicants or at a credit-based interest rate. In the latter case, credit seekers do not find out their personal credit costs until they make a non-binding request. With the maximum average creditworthiness to be assumed after a return debit due to lack of coverage, fixed rate loans are generally cheaper for all customers. Lending at fixed interest rates does not preclude the Bank from increasing the effective annual interest rate for particularly long and extremely short contract terms.

An instant loan offers itself as credit despite return debit only if the borrower needs a portion of the money for quick account settlement. In other cases, the applicant chooses a loan with bank processing time, as this is cheaper than a quick loan.

To apply for an organized personal loan despite a return debit

As an alternative to the bank loan, there is a private loan, despite a return debit, which is requested via an internet platform for organized private loan. In the first step, the prospective customer can register as a borrower on the platform. Neither a return debit nor a soft or completed private credit negative feature is contrary to the registration.

Admission as a borrower entitles you to submit a loan request. Once it has been fully subscribed, depending on the amount of one or more private lenders contribute, the desired loan amount is transferred. An earlier return debit is not known to the registered as a lender members and thus has no negative impact on the chances of funding. Important for this is that the adjuster of a personal loan request describes the intended use as accurately as possible and that he quickly answers incoming requests via the internal communication system. For many private lenders, the most important decision criterion is whether they want to support the specified loan usage.

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