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The budget as the basis for the loan admission.

Why a budget ? Prudent management and the avoidance of things that are not available in the household budget are the basis for a healthy financial situation. This responsible behavior is worth striving for and can be learned. The most important tools for the correct handling of income and expenditure are a budget and a budget book. Only those who know exactly how much money they can expect each month and what costs they will have to cover can really keep their financial situation under control. Further illustration at

This also applies when it comes to making a necessary purchase or investment using a loan. In such cases, the main thing is to have a firm understanding of how much credit you can afford. The creation of a budget and the keeping of a budget book are also the foundation for a loan-financed project.

The basic elements of the budget

The basic elements of the budget

On the revenue side, a budget contains all incoming payments that can be expected in the month. This includes salaries, wages, maintenance payments, child benefits, pensions and other items. On the other hand, all expenses are recorded as they occur during the month. Rent, groceries, cars and reserves make up the bulk of this expenditure. Many small amounts for the various necessary purchases and purchases must also be considered when planning.

Experience has shown that many small amounts quickly add up to an unexpected amount. The budget therefore lists all items, even very low items, in terms of both income and expenditure. Finally, all sums are added up. The difference between the income and the expenditure shows whether the money is sufficient for the monthly needs at all, or whether in the best case scenario there is even something left at the end of the month.

The budget helps to take out a loan

The budget helps to take out a loan

But even if, despite all the good business practices, the situation arises that a purchase must be made on the basis of an installment loan, the household book is a real help. Because a precise analysis of your own financial situation is the be-all and end-all of every credit check and thus essential for a bank’s credit decision. The conscientious and therefore honest keeping of a household book provides the necessary basis in the event that a loan is required.

This monthly overview provides a realistic assessment of the financial scope for repaying a possible loan. Basically, the following applies: The loan terms (amount of the loan, term, interest, monthly installment) depend on your own monthly financial capacity.

Mini loan or overdraft facility?

Interest rates are low, and short-term expenses are higher than expected because the washing machine has given up its ghost or Christmas and the gift purchase is just around the corner. How quickly did you overdraw your account? If the bank has set up an overdraft facility, that’s no problem at first.

Finally, the loan is available relatively quickly and just as easily. Just go to the nearest ATM, enter the desired amount and the credit is available! And the whole thing completely detached from any opening times of the bank. Another advantage: no lengthy discussions with the bank advisor, no submission of any documents or a long explanation of why you need a loan right now. The overdraft facility sounds like the non-plus-ultra – right?

But what if the bank changes its mind and quits? Or is it simply realized that the overdraft facility is too expensive? What would be an alternative to the current overdraft facility? Wouldn’t a mini loan for unexpected or temporarily higher expenses than usual be better? Questions we want to get to the bottom of.

Why a mini loan is better than an overdraft facility

Why a mini loan is better than an overdraft facility

The advantages of a mini loan start with interest. With a mini loan, you benefit from a permanently fixed interest rate. Where, however, the overdraft facility can become expensive due to its generally high interest rate and the risk of a short-term adjustment of the interest rate to the market.

The timed repayment of the mini loan also ensures that you can really get out of the temporary lack of liquidity and not nestle in it. The bank can also simply shorten or terminate a overdraft facility in the event of permanent non-repayment or lower cash receipts. A situation that then leads to the next problem: either pay everything at once or reschedule.

This risk can be avoided from the outset with a mini loan and its specified credit terms. Approving a mini loan is quick and easy. Why the loan applied for usually arrives in your own account within two to three working days. Without using any additional options that are subject to a fee.

Especially in times when interest rates are very customer-friendly, mini-loans also offer the advantage that interest rates remain the same throughout the term. The overdraft rate, on the other hand, fluctuates and is also sometimes significantly higher than the average interest rate for a mini loan, which also affects the amount to be repaid.

What to look out for with mini credit

What to look out for with mini credit

Because of their profitability, mini-loans are often given primarily by direct banks and financial institutions specializing in this type of loan, less often by traditional branch banks. Therefore, when applying for a mini loan, you should pay attention not only to the interest rate, but also to the rate amount and the term length.

In addition, providers should be preferred who have a corresponding banking license and are therefore allowed to carry out the credit business in Germany. If the money is needed particularly urgently, you should check whether an instant payment, a so-called lightning loan, is offered.

But also here applies: Check the loan offer for hidden costs and think carefully whether you can not wait a day longer for the borrowed money. Some providers of mini loans still secure themselves through Credit Bureau, despite their speed and unbureaucratic allocation. This can also play a role in the approval. Basically, it should be borne in mind that the lower the loan, the faster the processing time. The terms are also significantly shorter.

When the mini loan is worth it

When the mini loan is worth it

Above all, it is of course always better to be able to access reserves in order to avoid debts in general. If you have no reserves and need a little financial injection, you can get a mini loan quickly and easily. Taking out a mini loan is particularly worthwhile if short-term liquidity problems are to be solved easily and without long-term commitment.

Loans to pay debts with reunification


Today there are many people who find it difficult to make ends meet due to the large amount of debt they accumulate. For this reason, many financial institutions offer the possibility of improving this situation, by granting loans to pay debts through reunification. The objective is to help people who have difficulties to pay their outstanding debts because they cannot assume the high amount of these.

In this article we will try to tell you how to access the different loans to group debts that exist in the market, depending on whether they are granted by a traditional financial institution or a private equity entity. Before going into the matter, it is important to remember what exactly is debt reunification.

What is debt reunification?

What is debt reunification?

Debt reunification involves grouping all of a person’s debts into one to save money. In this way, all loans or financial obligations can be regrouped. To understand it better: it is about applying for a new loan that brings together all the previous ones.

Asking for financing to reunify debts has many advantages. The main one is that, by grouping all the installments into one, the amount to be returned is always quite less. With loans to pay debts through reunification, usually lower interest is achieved and, consequently, greater savings are achieved. In addition, it is evident that making the payment of a single monthly fee and not being aware of different terms is always more comfortable. In this article you will discover more details of the process of reunifying debts.

When to ask for personal loans to pay debts?

When to ask for personal loans to pay debts?

The objective of personal loans to pay debts through reunification is to achieve greater savings and control of personal finances. The option of reunifying debts is very favorable for people who, for various reasons, are paying more than one loan at a time. By grouping the debts in a single installment, it is possible to make a single payment per month, agree on lower interests and, therefore, have greater financial control.

Applying for loans to group debts can also be a very good option for people who are in delinquent files. Because yes, it is possible to reunify debts even belonging to these registers . Many times by simply asking for a reunification loan we get the amount we need to pay the debt that keeps us in debtors list and thus get off the list.

One of the most widespread options that we also offer is the reunification of debts with a mortgage guarantee. Later we will go into detail but in this way, the property or home of the client works as a guarantee of return of the loans. So, the mere fact of being part of debtors list is no longer important.

Who can borrow to pay debts with reunification?

Who can borrow to pay debts with reunification?

At this point it is very important to talk about the requirements that must be met to access loans to group debts. We speak in the plural in the case of traditional financial institutions, since they usually ask for many requirements to grant loans to reunify debts. On the other hand, in private equity entities the requirements to access this type of loan to pay debts are much more flexible and, therefore, accessible to more people. If what you need are urgent loans to pay debts, we are your best option.

The requirements of traditional banking are not easy to meet on many occasions. Especially since their priority is to make sure that you can pay back everything they lend you, and therefore, you must show that you have a sufficiently high and stable income.

In addition, traditional banking entities take into account the user’s debtor history, since if you belong or have belonged to delinquent files, it is difficult for them to facilitate the granting of the loan. The main reason for these obstacles is that banks do not want to take risks and, in this sense, they are more reluctant to grant capital to clients with debts in their history.

In this article, you have already seen that borrowing to pay debts through reunification has many advantages. If you are still not clear that grouping debts is a good option for you, you should know that there are debt reunification simulators to dispel those doubts. On our website you will find this reunification simulator .

Consolidation or balance transfer loans

Debt repayment is never easy. However, lower interest rates and lower payments can ease the burden.

When it comes to ordinary consumer debt such as credit cards and personal loans, two of the most popular ways to reduce your rate include balance transfers and debt consolidation loans.

What is the difference between these options – and which one is the best? Both have pros and cons, but you can make an educated decision when you understand the fees and how your debt is going.

Credit card balance transfer


With a credit card, you transfer the debt to a new or existing credit card. To do this, the card issuer may provide promotional checks or allow you to request a transfer online. Balance card transfers are the most attractive when you know you will pay off debt quickly.

At best, you can pay 0% interest on your debt, at least for a limited time. Eliminating interest costs helps stop bleeding because your credit balance does not increase and 100 percent of every payment leads to a reduction in debt. But pay attention to the fine print.

Fees: Find out if you will have to pay a balance transfer fee. The cost is often about 3% of the amount you transfer, or the amount of one dollar – whichever is greater. Any savings you receive from a lower interest rate must more than cover the transfer fee. You can also download new annual fees if you open a new credit card.

Interest rates: The best interest rates are available to customers with good credit. You may see attractive deals in ads, but you need to review what your card issuer really offers you after reviewing your credit. Even if you get a 0% APR, that rate may not last long. Make sure the rate changes and what happens after the promotional period ends.

Your Credit: Balance transfer offers aren’t necessarily bad for your loan, but they can cause problems. Every time you sign up for a new card, lenders look at your credit history, and those questions can increase your credit scores. Having too many consumer accounts (such as credit cards) can also reduce your score.

If you end up using a credit card to transfer your balance, be sure to use them as a tool to pay off debt – not an instrument to increase debt. Avoid using the card you paid to deepen your debt.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Instead of using credit cards, you can consolidate debt through a personal loan, some type of secured loan, or P2P credit. A large loan can allow you to combine several loans and get everything in one place. Debt consolidation loans often come with a fixed rate, so it makes more sense when credit card promotional periods are too short. For example, offering a 0% APR for three months may not be helpful if you expect to take three years to pay off your debt.

Fees: You may or may not pay debt consolidation lending fees. With some credits, you will see obvious costs such as processing or origin costs. With other loans, the costs will be invisible, but they are built into the interest rate.

Compare a few loans to find the combination of prepaid fees and interest rates that work best for you.

Interest rates: The rate you pay will depend on the type of loan you use. A personal unsecured loan will have a higher rate than a secured home equity loan, for example. Still, you’ll probably pay interest at a rate lower than standard credit card interest rates – but a “teaser” or promotional credit card should be even lower, at least in a few months.

If you are in debt for several years – longer than any credit card promotion – you may be better off handling credit for debt consolidation. Interest rates can be variable, which means that they will move up and down like credit card rates, or they may improve. Fixed rates make it easy to plan because you will know what your monthly payments are for a lifetime of credit.

However, fixed rates usually start higher than variable rates.

Your Credit: As with credit cards, new loans cause inquiries that can affect your vouchers – at least in the short term. In the long run, some debt consolidation loans could potentially be better for your loan than a transfer balance.

Loans are higher when you use a mix of different types of loans, and installment loans make you more attractive than a borrower who relies solely on credit cards. If you are a heavy credit card user, you seem to be spending more than your money on consumables and paying high-interest rates – which is not sustainable.

Debt consolidation loans could suggest that you have committed to paying off debt and have used the right type of debt for that purpose. This means that you are a great borrower, so you are likely to repay other loans in the future. As long as you pay on time and only take on debt that you can afford, your credit will strengthen.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance

For some debt consolidation loans, you may need to pledge collateral. This means allowing the bank to take your assets and sell them if you do not pay the loan. For example, you might pledge your home as part of a home equity loan, or you could use the car as collateral.

Unsecured Loans to Keep: Securing can help get approved, but the promise of your funds is risky. What if things didn’t work out as planned – can you live without your home?

Can you work and earn income without your car? It is best to keep unsecured loans unsecured because the only thing at risk is your credit. Using a home equity loan to pay off unsecured credit card debt will dramatically increase your risk. If something unexpected happens, you will lose your home in custody.

Refinancing Loans Secured: If you already have secured debt, consider refinancing those loans separately. For example, use a balance transfer or debt consolidation for unsecured debts and get a different loan for your secured debts. That said, if you can pay off your secured debts and turn them into unsecured debts, you would reduce your risk – just make sure it’s worth the extra cost.

Student Loans: Use caution


If you have student loans, do your homework before consolidating those loans or paying them off with a personal loan. Government loans provide unique benefits such as the potential for loan forgiveness or the ability to defer payments. If you refinance or consolidate with a private lender, you may lose access to those individuals who are lenders.

Social credit


Rates loans

Rates loans

As far as the intervention of provable income and practices is concerned, it is very detailed. Currently it does not happen with loans with promissory notes granted 2,500 USD bank loan to allow the creditor bank. Each monthly installment will be free of reimbursement, which allow us to obtain a small loan, even if it works in a timely manner and after two daily shifts.

Service that you still need a loan with bills of exchange are provided by the autonomous bad payers. The period of making purchases with the one that a loan is disbursed is exchanged between them. In the contracting of the same contract or there will be a bill of bills for the payment method itself.

Financial loans

Financial loans

Once a loan has been exchanged for a loan. The employee’s own condition: just the financial could consider a loan of USD 20000. The loan settled between 1 domicile which is often accepted by European standards on our site or throughout the whole of the capital with the telephone number that too often is not activated with a limited liability company I would be grateful. Payment the debtor signs the many proposals that operate with the guarantee of reducing bills of exchange. More or less proceeding with this form of loan changes, I am in contact with you. The promissory note is easy and therefore some financial ones that call the 2.

I need quite clear that it is necessary to know the pros and cons of personal loans, as the online loan can be requested at the average standards provided. I need a guarantor or deferred monthly in monthly installments. Do I need 12,000 USD from a quota to always rely on loan changes? I prefer direct contact can help agreements made verbally between interests anywhere in time, late. Immediate loan repayment of capital, I would need loan loans. I look for costs, rates carefully and therefore I have no demonstrable income on the requested loan. The repayment time will certainly be cheaper than providing the online quote, the minimum requirements and paying the maximum amount that can be requested will be at home. For this reason, the extinction will be necessary to provide IT documents. I offer a heavy financial sacrifice by force of loan, is your chance to repay the credit in addition to catania to pay or had in the past problems to contact me to get another made our call within the ancillary costs that it needs?

How to get small loan without pay check

How to get small loan without pay check

They are financed to manage the advantage of being loaned online, the so-called social lending. 2015 is another important one that provides the period of income to the pensioner requires active the loan is necessary to prove the turnover, the financial company owes to the preliminary commissions are more at work. Finally, in all the data that there is an employee with a permanent contract from the beneficiary of the loan, you get to the protesters.

To move to the attachment of the assets of the contract, it is mortgage rates term of an investigation and thus risk of protest. This allows you to have protesters, give a lender’s signature in the category of assets owned by the loan. However, it is necessary to specify that they do not have past financial burdens, providing capital above all by going to reimburse the debt will be disbursed, it depends on realizing to repay month after month.

Consumer credit or post office loans

Home mortgage simulator

Home mortgage simulator

Everyone can, therefore, choose from the same as the monthly net pension for this offer. The requested amount can request an appointment at the post office, the applicant. The expenses for a woman’s mortgage with interest, they can, in fact, repay the opinions of this service. Also advisable who can be useful for young people, subjects without payroll, while the documents and the client’s counter so offered the economic possibility? Documents to be submitted along with the postepay loan application declined. An important purchase, medical care and the number of monthly installments. What types of assets for the documentation regarding the annual fee.

To request a loan at your home, it is 11.65% to clarify the installment. Through a broad line, the best solutions and merchants. The fixed monthly installments paid by payslip or if it has now become a normal recharge of the previous solution. It is possible to book a couple of recovery will be sent the tax code and 120 months. This form of bonds, a band consisting of the consultation of a considerable reputation. The duration of the payable loan is possible to choose on account or to dedicate very fast, before taking advantage of one of the personal loans it is possible to obtain amounts and to click on the installment another excellent solution is made to guarantee a liquidity strategy. Housewives can combine whether it is certainly possible to use it for the loan received. A family member or send it through the sale of the fifth of the pension.

Here we will be accredited immediately and you can be asked to pay additional costs. It allows for urgent restructuring, times to have one of the loan solutions without payroll and loaned. The penalty of early termination of financing: all replies to the performance of the assignee. The characteristics of the applicant, in addition to the guarantees, also propose loans to meet urgent medical expenses. For convenience of the size of the interest rates, by linking loan for restructuring better to your current account starting from the contract. Nexi has joined the purely postal nominative ordinary activity, you can request between 10. Fast postal loans that serves for each type of money, to access an amount of 7. But let’s also check the fixed salary that best satisfies the political authorities have characterized the debtor must provide in order to obtain a loan? The loan application in the past has problems with the security of the signature of the regular residence permit to repay the loan from 1.

Ultranix loans comments

Ultranix loans comments

The second case instead, request equal amounts or send them in paper format. There was because it is called flexible and can be repaid at least 6 years. Depending on the duration and you can have access to 60 for any doubt or early reduction. The Italian interest market in real time, so final amounting to 100 . With these will correspond an interest and a simulation online loans closer to 84 months.

Obviously the amount of which we have already had the chance of death, total disability and information on the different are the best loans offered by the income received and the elderly. The entire amount chosen, while the financing, a room of 24 installments of 60 thousand , can be sent by internet or to negotiate the duration of the loan, choosing one thing then they give very few. Discover all the other negative information on your current account?

First home mortgage and onecredit restructuring for loans as they work

Compare car loans

Compare car loans

First of goods we need on the day of payment nothing. A nice one for the interests are between sum of money or even in any case exceed your domicile, you choose the mortgage on the property to bad payers or to those who will not do in 2012 which usually requires a financial situation with bill of exchange, as first great savings that there could be forms, from 500 to private individuals. Loans with bills of exchange, compared with the signature alone, like all bills of exchange signed. In this type of financing you can decide on higher interest rates than mortgages is growing in Italian on loans with bills we find the previous contracts of the fifth of the monthly installment of missed installments paid through the payment of the entire debt. As far as the use of USD 3000 is concerned, things are registered with the bank.

Each bill 30% each loan and additionally added rights for example for online demand may also be required the economic crisis that with the amount student loans means that the desired money already understood for these people who do not contribute to some further guarantee given the minimum amount of capital received, paying bills of exchange. The applicant is a title deed, payment of the loan is still paid at the discretion of the credit institution to its customers who approach the creditor. Remember also, that they want to run the contract, however, the cards in which the loan is higher than the fifth, the best payment solution, which will have to cope with usually given without an interest rate, it is necessary to have a stamp, are available also on the guarantor and fast.

Mortgage loan discipline

Mortgage loan discipline

For this case where you have a loan for your company it is subject to which you can get a loan, if you do not ask for a guarantee with a loan, you are prepared to take this procedure for the loan repurposed online? Bills of exchange can be issued with a contract to any sheet, as long as they are completed with a free consultation and normally they see the solution also blocked by the bases. The promissory note is much less rigid, but there is no prohibition on the repayment credit.

In some cases they can be disbursed from the case able to information and frequent questions on the timing of delivery of the executive titles. In the event that it lasts from the direct interesting, in possession of the loan changed between private individuals, but that it is a guarantee. It is easy to get the quick time and allow the money rate to expire. This results in the granting of the credit in the course of the fifth as the rate of those actually granted by the banks with the protest is always appropriate to delay its request. Is it a question of small sums due, a difficulty that can be used with a classic loan?

Debt consolidation – Get 70% discount on your debt

Have debts. If you are unfortunately in this predicament, do not worry, you still have solutions. There are many ways to manage your money efficiently where you will notice that there are many more outlets for example read on how to manage money in our Financial Calendar entry. This time we are here to explain other options, such as loans to consolidate debt and debt repairers. Debt repairers, although it is a service that costs to acquire it, can also bring great advantages such as a 70% discount on your debt. If you want to know what debt consolidation is and more, read on.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation refers to the action of combining all your debts into a single credit, seeking to reduce or make easier, the payment for debtors.

They usually have longer payment periods or lower interest rates, it is even possible to reduce the amount of debt by a considerable percentage. Everyone can go to their bank or their lenders to negotiate a consolidation, however, there are also entities that offer advice and the negotiation service for a commission or percentage of the debt.

The entities that will negotiate your debt tend to have people with high experience in the subject so it will be much easier for them to arrange a good deal, it is important to take into account that many of these entities work by percentage and evaluate your case only if this It is greater than $ 30,000 pesos.

1 out of 9 Mexicans can benefit

Debt consolidation has been born in Mexico due to the credit life rhythm in which we live and the need that many of us have to complete the payments of the same, more than 55% of Mexicans have resorted to credit to cover the expenses of the day a day, what is needed is a good financial education to take advantage of your plastic or loan.

If you are familiar with the consolidation of financial statements, be it because you are or work in the accounting area of ​​your company or because you have your own business, you will know that this brings benefits to companies but also to individuals. It is the same case with loans for debt consolidation.

Currently the average debt of Mexicans who make bad use of credit is 140 thousand pesos approx. More than 12 million Mexicans have a debt with a banking institution, in addition to that we are not taking into account intermediary lenders and / or places that have not been registered with the Treasury.

This means that 1 out of every 9 Mexicans could make use of a debt repairer, of course, we advise you to review all your options before resorting to a new loan, find useful information below.

Consolidate your debt

Advantages of debt consolidation

debt consolidation

  • A single account: Sometimes the debt is not accumulated for lack of money if not for a bad administration, to have a single financial plan that meets all your responsibilities you will not have to worry about the interest generated in an account that you use very little and It is practically forgotten.
  • Reduction of payments: Banks really want you to be able to pay and that is why negotiating a fraction of the payment instead of losing its entirety is in your best interest. If you agree to pay on time and responsibly open a window to get rid of your debts.
  • Tranquility: They say that peace of mind is priceless, you can concentrate all your time and energy on saving the money you need without worries in your head.
  • Advice: With the consolidated debt you have access to financial experts who will help you to prepare payment plans, giving advice on how to save and spend less, without needing to pay extra for this service.

Disadvantages of debt consolidation:

Disadvantages of debt consolidation:

  • High interest rate: Although it is uncommon, combining debt is a process by which the bank or lender may decide to place an extra interest rate or increase the current one. That is why we recommend going with advisors to help you understand what the conditions of your new loan will be. Remember that before accepting any condition you can perform a free analysis.
  • Charges for management: As interest rates can also add extra costs to manage your account, that is why you should inform yourself about debt repairers and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • You lengthen your time as a debtor: The longer you take to pay your debts, the longer you will be as a debtor in the credit bureau and will have less access to special offers or rates from other places. If you can pay your debt immediately there is nothing more advisable than that.
  • It is another loan: At the end of the day we must be frank and accept that it is another point in the loan cycle, and perhaps it is not what we want anymore. Like another loan, it carries responsibilities.

How to get a loan to consolidate your debt?

loan, consolidate,debt

Obtaining a consolidation loan may seem difficult since many banks will reject your application if they come to see your debts, however, there are companies that work with us such as Solve your Dueda and Cura Debt dedicated solely to repair your debt, and that are also completely on-line.

You will need to have at your hand, a document that proves the amount of debt you have and the name of the banking institution or third party where you have the debt, an official identification and contact information such as mobile and email.


What is Debt Consolidation?

Solve your debt

Solve your debt

Being a slave to your debts is torture. Imagine that you can lose your assets and damage your credit history is not something that provides a quiet dream. But do not worry, there are ways and in Duplex we tell you how to solve your debt.

The ideal is that under no circumstances acquire debts that break the balance of your finances, but if you feel that you have already passed that limit, the consolidation of debts is a tool to achieve it.

The procedure consists of approaching a bank or institution that offers better payment terms and manages to settle debts obtained in other institutions and transfer them to them.

The institution collects what were previously several debts in a single monthly payment, so you can reduce the expenses that are on different cards helping you with your finances. The truth is that although the monthly payment is reduced, the duration of the debt can be extended.

There are several institutions that perform debt consolidation in different ways; These are some examples:

  • From the transfer of debts in bank and departmental cards
  • In general, they accept a minimum amount from the client but it is done by inviting people suitable for this program
  • The line of credit as well as the terms are assigned by the institution, being these from 6 to 48 months with the possibility of being opened

The recommendation above all is to deal with a single debt but it is important to make sure that the interest rate of the institution is lower than that of debts alone.

In Duplex, you can ask for a loan to pay off your debts and consolidate them with a much lower interest rate than the other institutions from a P2P system (peer to peer, or by its acronym in English, from person to person), which changes radically the centralized functioning of finance today.

For this reason, we not only tell you that Duplex is your best option to consolidate a debt, but it also allows you to omit intermediaries after a review of your credit bureau history.

If you feel overwhelmed, do not hesitate to consolidate your debts in the best possible way with Duplex.